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ONE TECH, in harmony, consistency, with a focus on people, is always the guiding principle.

Throughout the historical development of humanity, there is evidence and a truth that has been distilled since ancient times: "Every thousand-mile journey begins with a single step."

There are historical milestones that mark significant turning points, the leaps of the world. There are legendary heroic steps of the Tay Son, and there are glorious steps that create indelible emotions, a magnificent miracle.

At One Tech Vietnam, these are enthusiastic steps carrying the desire to bring about change for a generation, to build beautiful values, and to conquer new heights.

Mr. Nguyen Van Trung said, "In the journey of the past 10 years and the future ahead, with all our dedication, spirit, and intellect, One Tech's shelving will continuously innovate, create, and enhance product quality. We will not only introduce new product lines but also provide sustainable added value to our customers." We will march even faster on the path to conquer new summits.

There are footprints of him, of me, of us, of passionate individuals for the community, nation-building, and elevating the One Tech shelving brand to an international level.


The Director of One Tech Vietnam


One Tech aims to become an exemplary, continuously growing enterprise through sound investment decisions and innovative labor in technology and technology.


Aim to honor the One Tech brand as a Vietnamese brand on the international stage.


ONE TECH Vietnam - A Vietnamese Brand - Global Excellence.

Core Values.

ONETECH continuously trains its team with many additional skills to support customers in market analysis, investment solutions, brand building, and free community engagement consulting, along with many other benefits to jointly develop with the lowest initial investment cost.

"History of Formation"

The company has been established
The company's initial activity was importing finished products from abroad.
Building the first factory.
Acquiring a fleet of transportation vehicles and specialized lifting equipment to serve the installation of shelving systems throughout the entire Northern region.
Establishing branches in three regions: North, Central, and South Vietnam.
Quickly capturing the market throughout Vietnam.
Achieving ISO standards.
Achieving ISO 9001:2015 standards.
Constructing the second factory.
Obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certification. Building the second most modern electrostatic powder coating oven in Vietnam.
Go global
Exporting products to the world.

Organizational Chart

Corporate Culture

Harmony, consistency, with a focus on people, is always the guiding principle of ONETECH VIETNAM.
Founder & CEO
4 years, 2 factories, 1 elegant office, and 300 staff members.
Economic & Urban Newspaper
Exporting to over 20 countries, especially the U.S., Japan, Europe...
Advisory board
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