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Hanoi Times: “Onetech Group’s Spectacular Transformation in the Supermarket Shelving Market”

Creating Distinction, Onetech Vietnam gradually asserts its brand excellence through high-quality, durable, and affordable supermarket shelving products. Alongside modern equipment investment and large production capacity, Onetech consistently meets the strictest demands of its customers.

Step by step, making a mark in the supermarket shelving market To develop its brand and make a strong impression in the market, for over 10 years, Onetech Vietnam has been diligently promoting its brand with effective product advertising strategies. Each product from Onetech undergoes rigorous quality and appearance checks.

Innovating production and retail operations, in 2014, Onetech made significant investments in modern machinery and high-quality automated production lines, including automatic welding machines, robotized electrostatic paint spraying, automatic cutting machines, and automatic mold pressing machines.

As of now, Onetech’s shelving production facility has expanded to 20,000 square meters with an automation rate of 90%. This results in material savings, reduced labor costs, and lower product costs, while quality is consistently ensured.

Onetech’s supermarket shelving products come in a variety of designs, sizes, and styles, suitable for businesses of all sizes nationwide.

Therefore, we have received collaboration invitations from numerous supermarket businesses and individuals. This has allowed Onetech to establish its brand’s reputation in the supermarket shelving market and expand into larger markets.

Onetech provides high-quality shelving products, adhering to ISO standards Onetech dominates the supermarket shelving market The Vietnamese shelving market is competitive with many prominent brands. However, with a clear strategy and the right direction, Onetech managed to capture the market for shelf displays and supermarket equipment in Vietnam within just 2 years.

The experienced staff, skilled technicians, premium high-quality products, and reasonable prices are key highlights and important criteria for evaluating the brand’s success in the market.

Moreover, Onetech’s exclusive branches and dealerships nationwide ensure that Onetech’s shelving products are available throughout the country. We provide delivery and installation services at your business premises.

Clearly, with many advantages over other competitors, it’s not surprising that Onetech’s shelving products are the preferred choice for numerous investors. We have successfully completed thousands of shelving and supermarket equipment installation projects each month. Some of Onetech’s prominent projects include Aloha Mall, Mediamart branches nationwide, Hapro supermarkets, Vinmart+, Viettel stores, and numerous other large and small supermarkets utilizing Onetech’s shelving products.

Some prominent partners of Onetech Group Following the turbulent year 2020 due to the significant impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economy, Onetech maintained strong development with a growth rate of 20% compared to the previous year. This firmly establishes that Onetech’s products are increasingly chosen by investors.

Source: Hanoi Times – “Onetech Group’s Spectacular Transformation in the Supermarket Shelving Market”

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