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Economic & Urban News: One Tech’s exclusive wooden supermarket shelf production system officially launches on the market.

According to the latest Economic & Urban News, One Tech is a reputable manufacturing and installation company with over 12 years of experience in the market, consistently earning the trust and preference of customers. Not content with just that, One Tech continually conducts research to enhance product quality, develop products with cutting-edge designs, and utilize the latest modern technology to offer customers the best options with high applicability.

The supermarket shelving system installed by One Tech at GO Buon Me Thuot.
The supermarket shelving system installed by One Tech at GO Buon Me Thuot.

The Economic & Urban News publication has been impressed by several aspects of One Tech:

  1. Long-Standing Reputation: One Tech is a well-known name in the market, recognized by investors, supermarket owners, and store managers across all 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam. It is not just a reliable partner but also a companion in their growth journey, sharing challenges and difficulties throughout their business processes.
  2. State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities: With the advantage of owning a massive production plant covering up to 20,000 square meters, the largest in the northern region, and a fully automated, modern production line, One Tech is always ready to meet the shelving and storage needs of both domestic and international customers.
  3. Diverse Product Range: One Tech Vietnam understands the shopping needs of consumers and has introduced a wide variety of shelving products in terms of design, size, color, and functionality. Their products serve not only households but also support convenience stores, supermarkets, and businesses.
  4. Catering to Different Customer Segments: One Tech’s shelving products cater to both individuals and households, offering essential items such as kitchen shelves, household shelves, decorative shelves, home storage shelves, and more. For business owners, supermarkets, and warehouse managers, One Tech provides a diverse range of products with various designs, sizes, and versatile applications, easily customizable to meet specific needs.

Overall, One Tech’s commitment to quality, a comprehensive range of products, and its ability to adapt to various customer segments have made it a standout choice in the market, earning the trust and respect of its clients.

One Tech has been chosen as a trusted partner by several prominent brands.
One Tech has been chosen as a trusted partner by several prominent brands.

One Tech’s reputation and professionalism are reflected in the quality of each product and the trust of a large number of customers who consistently choose and recommend One Tech to others for collaboration. With its capabilities, One Tech’s shelving solutions have been widely used in various supermarket chains and large stores such as Winmart, Media Mart, Miniti Mart, Aloha Mall, BigC, VietBank, Viettel, and more.

Wood-grain supermarket shelving – A trend-setting product with exclusive technology in the market

Recently, One Tech introduced a new product: wood-grain supermarket shelving with exclusive technology that creates beautiful wood-grain patterns down to every millimeter on premium steel and high-quality rolled steel backgrounds. This is a product that has made its debut in the Vietnamese shelving market, and it is predicted to be a game-changer, setting trends in the near future. This wood-grain shelving model offers sophistication with its elegant design and attractive appearance, providing a fresh look for supermarkets, stores, and adding a unique touch to the business space of investors.

The latest wood-grain technology marks a significant advancement in the supermarket shelving manufacturing industry at One Tech, as well as in Vietnam as a whole. With their modern production line, One Tech is capable of producing anywhere from 3,000 to 7,000 sets of shelves that meet international standards in a single day. This, coupled with a diverse range of designs and features, allows customers the flexibility to choose the perfect shelving solutions for their business spaces.

As for the quality of One Tech’s shelving, customers can rest assured knowing that the manufacturing process has been certified with ISO 9001:2015 for quality management systems. One Tech’s products have been recognized by customers as high-quality Vietnamese products that meet international standards. One Tech has also received accolades such as the Vietnamese National Brand title and various other prestigious certifications, further attesting to their commitment to quality and excellence.

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